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Reformer Pilates

What is Reformer Pilates?

The Pilates Reformer is a beautiful and sophisticated piece of Pilates equipment which uses springs, ropes and pulleys to provide the type of resisted exercise which creates the lean muscle tone that Pilates has become famous for.
The machines offer a challenging, functional, all-over-body workout for all levels of ability, and exercises can be modified and adapted to suit a variety of different conditions and ailments.

The use of this type of exercise can be excellent for bone and muscle strengthening, whilst being pelvic floor and joint safe and is well known for improving posture, body awareness and overall body strength and flexibility.

Our beautiful, top of the range Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers, offer a smooth and effective reformer experience, with their moveable foot-bar feature allowing for a whole repertoire of exercise that is not achievable through other reformer types.

Is Reformer Pilates for You?

It is useful to have a reasonable level of health and fitness before you start Reformer Pilates group classes. Certain conditions may still be suitable, however it is important that you let your instructor know about these during your induction or beginners session. Our Pilates teachers are very knowledgeable and have extensive experience working with a variety of different conditions and patient populations and so it is likely that exercises may be modified accordingly to suit you if necessary.

The Pilates principles that would apply to a Mat class still apply to the Reformer and so previous experience of Pilates exercise is beneficial, but is not essential.

It is usual to find Reformer Pilates challenging, however don’t be intimidated by this, or indeed by how the machines look! Your muscles may ache and shake, however it gets easier with practice and the more you do, the more familiar you’ll feel.

Our Reformer Classes

All of our Reformer classes are currently run from our spacious boutique studio at our clinic on Whitsundoles Farm, Milton Keynes. All classes are led by experienced Pilates practitioners and Physiotherapists, ensuring that you are guaranteed to receive an effective workout delivered by knowledgeable teachers. Classes are kept small, to ensure that individual attention is received during the classes, and that your technique is optimised throughout. 

Our reformer classes are popular and so pre-booking is essential. For class timings please check our timetable frequently as new classes are likely to be added into the schedule on a regular basis.


For safety reasons, all new clients will require an induction or beginners session before they begin our regular Reformer classes. This is to ensure that you are familiarised with how to set up and use the Reformers before entering the class setting, making sure you feel confident to join the classes and preventing disruption of the class flow. All Reformer brands are slightly different and so it is important that you’re familiar with the machines and relevant safety information before use, regardless of whether you have used reformers before. These sessions are 30 minutes long and are arranged at a time to suit you. We also offer options for you to attend your induction with 1, 2 or 3 people.

This session is private, and we will take you through some of the Reformer repertoire to ensure you get a good feel for the machine. It also enables us to gauge your level of ability, and if there is anything we need to be aware of before you start regarding specific issues or problems. This is to make sure you get the absolute best out of your Pilates classes.

Once you have completed your induction session and if you do not want to undertake beginner-level sessions, we are offering a 4 class pass for new clients at a discounted rate, for you to try out our regular classes over a 4-week period. This will give  you chance to try our different classes and teachers and will hopefully give you the bug to continue!


Beginners Reformer Courses

We run a monthly 4-week Beginners Reformer Pilates Course for those wishing to gain a foundational knowledge of how this amazing piece of Pilates equipment can be used to challenge, strengthen, rehabilitate and enhance the body.

You will be “shown the ropes” in the literal sense, whilst being guided through foundational exercises and being taught the key Pilates principles which help to enhance your practice.

Each week we will cover new repertoire, as well as incorporating different props and equipment eg weights, balls circles and jump-boards.

We also run a one hour Reformer Discovery Course for those who don’t feel they need to attend the full 4-week course, or those who have used reformers before and just want a refresher before starting. This will give you a thorough intro to our reformers and a taste of what you can expect in our mixed level classes.

Following completion of either of these courses, you may wish to begin to develop your practice further by trying one of our more advanced classes.

A reformer induction is not essential prior to booking these courses, however if you have any medical conditions please do contact us prior to booking.


Ante/Postnatal Reformer

Our Ante/postnatal Reformer classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and for postnatal mums from 6 weeks [8 weeks following a C section or complicated vaginal delivery]. It is imperative that all ladies undergo an induction session before starting these classes to ensure safety. Some conditions contra-indicate exercise during pregnancy and so a full health screening will be undertaken before you start.

These sessions are 45 minutes long and incorporate a combination of strength and mobility exercises to support a healthy, active pregnancy and to help guide you back to exercise postnatally.


Mixed Level Reformer

Once you’re familiarised with the machines and feel confident to move on, you may wish to progress yourself further by joining one of these classes. You will feel more of a challenge, as this class uses exercise and strengthening principles to work the body in a more advanced way. Pilates props such as resistance circles and weights may also be used to add to the challenge.

This class is 60 minutes long.


Intermediate/Advanced Reformer

We have applied our extensive strength and conditioning expertise to come up with a challenging class which will really test your Reformer Pilates ability! This class really brings Reformer exercise to a whole new level and is not for beginners or those with active joint problems, painful conditions or balance issues. This class works at sculpting the entire body with a comprehensive resistance workout, also bringing in cardio elements including the Reformer jumpboard to add intensity and HIIT intervals to the session.

To book onto this class, contact us.

This class is 60 minutes long.