Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy at Enliven Health

Did you know that even small, well-healed scars can still contribute to dysfunction under the surface? Bound down tissue has the potential to cause tightness and restrictions throughout the body, which can lead to problems developing, no matter how big or small the scar.

Our expert massage therapist has undertaken specialist training in Sharon Wheeler’s Scar-work Therapy and will be able to help improve the appearance of your scar, as well as the function of the surrounding tissues.

If you have a scar which is causing you problems, pain or concern, physically or aesthetically, do get in touch to see how we can help.

Sports Massage

What Is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is ideal for anyone, the aim of massage is to relieve muscular stress and tension – release tight and painful muscles, aid rehabilitation of injuries, aid general relaxation and wellbeing. Sports Therapy is beneficial to anyone suffering from: stress, joint stiffness, sporting injuries, back pain, whiplash, cramp suffers, shin splints, Achilles Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Patellar Tracking Dysfunction, IT band Impingement, Shoulder Impingement, Golfers/ Tennis Elbow, bad posture / postural disorders, Tendonitis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Dysfunction.

Sports Massage at Enliven Health

Sports massage may offer therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions in people of all ages. It aims to relieve muscular pain and tension, it aids rehabilitation of injury and can be highly beneficial in providing relaxation and restoring wellbeing.

Our massage therapist is skilled in soft tissue mobilisation and release techniques and is able to work with a variety of conditions to restore and encourage healing.

For further information regarding our sports massage services please contact us.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage at Enliven Health

Our Pregnancy Massages at Enliven Health offer a restorative, soothing and results-based therapeutic massage, for uncomplicated pregnancies within the second and third trimesters (after 13 weeks of pregnancy).

Our massages are undertaken by skilled massage therapists, who have undergone further education in pregnancy massage delivery, and have the knowledge to ensure that you are comfortable, positioned correctly and that each massage is tailored specifically to suit your individual requirements.

Whether you have back, pelvic or neck pain or fluid retention, or if you just want to enjoy a session of pure relaxation, our pregnancy massages are able to relieve, restore and rejuvenate.

At Enliven Health our therapists are highly educated and passionate about Women’s Health and this encompasses pregnancy-related conditions which may arise as your baby grows and your body changes. We can provide specially developed skills and techniques to make your massage really one which makes a difference.

Is Pregnancy Massage suitable for me?

Whilst pregnancy massages have numerous therapeutic benefits, they are not suitable for all pregnant women and certain conditions will deem massage contra-indicated for some.

To ensure your safety is upheld, upon booking your massage, you will be asked a series of screening questions, to ensure that massage is appropriate for your pregnancy. You will also be asked to complete a short health questionnaire form upon arrival prior to your massage.

To book your massage, please email us at

Online booking is currently not available for pregnancy or postnatal massage services.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage at Enliven Health

Many women are unaware of how vital postnatal therapy is to recovery after having a baby, whatever the method of your delivery.

At Enliven Health we are passionate about optimising postnatal recovery after childbirth. As a result, our massage therapists are skilled in postnatal rehabilitation and supportive recovery. They possess the soft tissue skills, knowledge and techniques required to address soft tissue problems which may arise after Caesarean section or vaginal delivery.

Our therapists are also able to work with the natural breath, which can be useful in ‘re-setting the core’, improving alignment and restoring the stomach soft tissue to help encourage healing and core activation. This can assist in improving the appearance and function of the abdominal soft tissues.

For further information and advice about whether postnatal massage may be suitable for you, please email us directly at

Online booking is currently unavailable for these services.

Breast Cancer

Our therapist has undergone specialist training in soft tissue therapy after breast cancer and particularly after surgery and reconstruction following breast cancer. Gentle techniques are utilised to restore normality to the tissues, promote circulation and reduce pain.

Please contact us directly if you would like to book an appointment or would like further information about this service