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I can’t tell you what a difference Enliven has made

I have been doing Pilates at Enliven Health for over 3 years now. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made. I joined because I was experiencing backache and Pilates has been amazing for building core strength and because Alex is a fantastic physio, she tailors the workout to work for everybody, taking into account injuries and weaknesses. I truly miss it if I cannot go every week – Keep up the good work Alex!


Joining Enliven Health was like winning the lottery

I have danced all my life (ballet) and now being an adult dancer find it very difficult to locate good classes locally – so finding out about and joining the Reformer Pilates sessions held at Enliven Health was like winning the lottery – simply the best find I’ve had for a very long time. Since starting last September I have found a new form of exercise which dovetails perfectly with dance and has made a real difference to me. Not only is the teaching excellent and fun, the classes are varied and they “work” – I’ve also lost inches since attending! Its a brilliant way to tone up; great for developing core strength and better muscle tone whilst actually being a relaxing form of exercise – true, it’s not all plain sailing and it can be tough going, but if you stick at it and do it properly, you won’t find a better.I would thoroughly recommend it. Energising, a lot of fun and a great group of people. Thanks Alex – just great.


I’ve maintained optimum fitness since starting Pilates

I attend Alex’s weekly Pilates class and always enjoy it. The sessions are structured so that each exercise builds up in increments for all levels. This means individuals can choose whether to stay at a level or progress to the next one. I can always tell if I miss a week or two as I am far less supple and begin to get backache again. Alex’s classes ensure I maintain optimum fitness.


Alex is friendly, very professional and knowledgeable

After the birth of my second child I came to Alex for the Mummy MOT and am now continuing with regular sessions to address my specific issues. Alex is friendly, very professional and knowledgeable, and obviously enjoys what she does tremendously! She listens really attentively, and provides a series of recommended exercises and stretches all of which can be accessed on a handy site from home. If you’re looking for someone who understands pregnancy and post natal issues, and has the knowledge and expertise to do something about them, then look no further!


I feel so much better for attending Enliven Health

Alex has fantastic knowledge of what is required to rehabilitate post childbirth ‘wear and tear’ and offers excellent support and gives personalised plans. The classes are relaxing, easy to keep up with and at such convenient times. In herself, Alex is professional and friendly and so approachable. I’ll keep coming back! I just feel so much better for attending. Totally and wholeheartedly recommend.


Structured, challenging, imaginative & enthusiastic

I caught meningitis 6 years ago which left me barely able to walk. I need regular physio to improve my flexibility and strength and to stimulate nerves which don’t fire properly. I’d been struggling to relate to the physio I had when I got Alex’s advertisement through the post. I gave it a go, and now cannot recommend her highly enough. The structured, challenging, imaginative and enthusiastic approach works really well for me and motivates me to do more at home too. A couple of weeks ago I managed to get off the floor without help, something I haven’t been able to do since before I got ill. I will definitely be staying with her.


Enliven Health has been a life saver for me

Enliven Health has been a life saver for me. Having recovered from spinal surgery for a disc protrusion the physio and subsequent Pilates classes have helped me to cope with the problems of a weakened back and nerve pain I still have in my leg and foot. Can’t thank Alex enough, don’t know what I would do without Enliven Health in my life!


I feel like I’m more fit than before I got pregnant!

Alexandra at Enliven designed me a personal exercise program for my pregnancy. I am so impressed with it – no sign of PGP and I actually feel like I’m more fit than before I got pregnant! It’s no small achievement and I would really recommend them to anyone.


Better postpartum care than my doctors!

So glad I went to see Alex. She really put my mind at ease, she explained everything and was really knowledgeable. I now understand why certain things ache and know how to improve that. It should be standard that women see a specialist like this after having children. Much better care than from any of the drs who have done my 6 week checks!
Thank you so much


The Mummy MOT is an absolutely invaluable service

Alex is fantastic! Professional, knowledgeable and very approachable. The Mummy MOT is an absolutely invaluable service. It should absolutely be part of every single women’s post natal recovery. At your 6 week post natal check GP’s rarely check your tummy for ab separation and don’t ask the right questions about pelvic floor health. You get sent away with kegels to perform and that’s it. The Mummy MOT goes much deeper and provides actual information about your body and how well your pelvic floor and core is functioning. Throughout the Mummy MOT Alex is very reassuring and puts you very at ease, she then provides an amazing step by step recovery plan that is very easy to follow and fit in. Can’t recommend highly enough.


Can’t believe the difference in my balance

Alex is fantastic, very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease during the assessment. I have just completed my first 6 weeks on the beginners Pilates and it’s been amazing!! Can’t believe the difference in my balance and strength in such a short time. Highly recommend this from someone who is recovering from 2 herniated discs!


Try it and you will never look back!

I was looking for Clinical Pilates in the area they are only few of them around here however since I met Alex @ Enliven Health my body strength improved. My ankle injury which I was managing with drugs suddenly was resolved after few sessions. I continue my clinical mat pilates and feel great. My core is strong and I feel much better. Now Alex introduced me Pilates Reformer and I love it too! I would recommend Alex as she is professional physiotherapists and not only she helps you to learn pilates she actually knows how to avoid injuries and improve your fitness level. Try it and you will never look back!