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Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage at Enliven Health

Many women are unaware of how vital postnatal therapy is to recovery after having a baby, whatever the method of your delivery.

At Enliven Health we are passionate about optimising postnatal recovery after childbirth. As a result, our Physiotherapists are skilled in postnatal rehabilitation and supportive recovery. They possess the soft tissue skills, knowledge and techniques required to address soft tissue problems which may arise after Caesarean section or vaginal delivery.

Our Physiotherapists are also able to work with the natural breath, which can be useful in ‘re-setting the core’, improving alignment and restoring the stomach soft tissue to help encourage healing and core activation. This can assist in improving the appearance and function of the abdominal soft tissues.

For further information and advice about whether postnatal massage may be suitable for you, please contact us.