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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage at Enliven Health

Our Pregnancy Massages at Enliven Health offer a restorative, soothing and results-based therapeutic massage, for uncomplicated pregnancies within the second and third trimesters (after 13 weeks of pregnancy).

Our massages are undertaken by skilled Physiotherapists, who have undergone further education in pregnancy massage delivery, and have the knowledge to ensure that you are comfortable, positioned correctly and that each massage is tailored specifically to suit your individual requirements.

Whether you have back, pelvic or neck pain or fluid retention, or if you just want to enjoy a session of pure relaxation, our pregnancy massages are able to relieve, restore and rejuvenate.

At Enliven Health our Physiotherapists are highly educated and passionate about Women’s Health and this encompasses pregnancy-related conditions which may arise as your baby grows and your body changes. We can provide specially developed skills and techniques to make your massage really one which makes a difference.

Is Pregnancy Massage suitable for You?

Whilst pregnancy massages have numerous therapeutic benefits, they are not suitable for all pregnant women and certain conditions will deem massage contra-indicated for some.

To ensure your safety is upheld, upon booking your massage, you will be asked a series of screening questions, to ensure that massage is appropriate for your pregnancy. You will also be asked to complete a short health questionnaire form upon arrival prior to your massage. If you are in doubt about any medical problems please contact us before booking your massage.