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Milton Keynes Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates

The ONLY Physiotherapy clinic in Milton Keynes offering a unique combination of Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates classes.

At Enliven Health, we believe that you require time, quality, skill and attention from your Physiotherapist and we are committed to applying these important considerations to every client we see, with the passion and determination to not only get you better, but to help you stay better.


Reformer and Clinical Pilates Classes and One to One Pilates Training and Rehabilitation

Women’s Health

Specialist Women’s Health and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy for all life phases, including The Mum Check for new mums


Specialist Sports, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Scar Massage Treatments

Why choose Enliven Health?

  • Beautiful, spacious studio on relaxing farm surroundings
  • Clinical Pilates: Expert training for a variety of clinical conditions
  • Reformer Pilates classes and one to one equipment Pilates training
  • Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation after Breast Cancer surgeries
  • 18 years clinical experience working with human bodies
  • HCPC, POGP and CSP Registered
  • Specialist massage services with Burrell Education Certified Therapist

Our Mission

We are passionate in providing a unique and comprehensive Physiotherapy, Pilates and Wellness service to help you Move Well, Get Strong, and Feel Better.

We believe in inspiring and empowering you to put your own self-care at your core, supporting you to be in control of your health and well-being and helping you to not only get better but stay better.

What makes us unique?

We strive to empower women to take back control of their health through professional, reliable Physiotherapist-led treatments.

We specialise in Women’s Health and wellness, however we also treat a variety of other conditions including neurological, musculoskeletal and recovery after surgeries.

We have had years of Pilates teaching under our belt. We treat, train and rehabilitate women of all ages and life phases, whatever your background, job, hobbies or sport.

We have over 20 years of experience working with bodies, have undertaken countless postgraduate training courses and are forever and fully committed to developing ourselves personally and professionally to continuously benefit our clients and our practice.

Our award-winning clinic and studio is friendly and welcoming, bright and spacious. We can guarantee that we will provide you with a caring, fun experience, whether you attend for classes, one to one training or individual treatment sessions.

What do our Clients Say?

I have danced all my life (ballet) and now being an adult dancer find it very difficult to locate good classes locally - so finding out about and joining the Reformer Pilates sessions held at Enliven Health was like winning the lottery - simply the best find I’ve had for a very long time. Since starting last September I have found a new form of exercise which dovetails perfectly with dance and has made a real difference to me…

HarrietJoining Enliven Health was like winning the lottery

I have been doing Pilates at Enliven Health for over 3 years now. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made. I joined because I was experiencing backache and Pilates has been amazing for building core strength and because Alex is a fantastic physio, she tailors the workout to work for everybody, taking into account injuries and weaknesses. I truly miss it if I cannot go every week - Keep up the good work Alex!

ClareI can’t tell you what a difference Enliven has made

I attend Alex’s weekly Pilates class and always enjoy it. The sessions are structured so that each exercise builds up in increments for all levels. This means individuals can choose whether to stay at a level or progress to the next one. I can always tell if I miss a week or two as I am far less supple and begin to get backache again. Alex’s classes ensure I maintain optimum fitness.

KerenaI’ve maintained optimum fitness since starting Pilates

Where to find us

Unit C Whitsundoles Farm,
Broughton Road,
Milton Keynes,
MK17 8BU

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and studio on Whitsundoles Farm, Broughton Road, Salford, Milton Keynes.

There is copious parking for all!