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• Why come to Enliven Health for Physiotherapy and Pilates?

We are a clinic and studio with a difference. We have spent years working with human bodies and are highly experienced in the treatment and rehabilitation of numerous types of conditions. We are committed to our own ongoing education and development and undergo frequent training to further our skills within Pilates, Physiotherapy and soft tissue therapies.

We will always take the time to ensure you receive the best possible care, whilst providing our services in a friendly, fun and professional manner.

Our Pilates sessions are safe, fun and above all, effective. Our studio uses top of the range Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers, which add to the quality of your workouts.

• What does a Physiotherapy Initial Assessment Involve?

An initial assessment is divided into two sections. An in-depth discussion about the problem and your medical history, followed by a physical examination. It may be appropriate to remove items of clothing for your therapist to assess your issues thoroughly. They will always endeavour to include an element of treatment into your first assessment session, if possible.

• What does a Women’s Health Assessment involve?

This assessment is an hour duration and will consist of an in-depth discussion with you about the problem areas. A physical examination will be thoroughly explained at the time of your appointment and will only be carried out with your consent. This may include a vaginal or anorectal examination, depending on your symptoms. This examination is not like a smear test and we do not use speculums or clamps to perform the assessment. It is very gentle and although may sometimes cause minor discomfort, it should not be painful.

• Can I request certain treatments for example, acupuncture?

Some treatments may be requested, particularly if you have received them before and they have been beneficial. However, your therapist will be able to recommend what kinds of treatment will be required, so that you can make an informed choice regarding your treatment options.

• How many sessions will I need?

It is always tricky to tell exactly how many sessions will be required to help you get on top of your problem. However, we strongly believe in discontinuing or changing treatments if they do not result in improvements in symptoms and will never ask you to sign up for large quantities of unnecessary sessions.

• Do I need to be referred by my GP or Consultant?

You do not need to have a referral from a medical practitioner to attend our clinic or studio.

• Is Enliven Health registered with Private Medical Insurance Companies?

We do still work with insurance companies, however had made the decision recently to discontinue working with BUPA and AXA as they do not cover the full cost of our treatment sessions. If you are registered with other companies, please do contact us prior to booking to ensure coverage for treatment is possible.

• Are home visits available?

We do offer home visits at times, however please do contact us for individual details and pricing estimates.

• What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and Traditional Pilates?

Traditional or ‘Classic’ Pilates exercises are not for everyone. Originally designed for dancers and gymnasts, some of the traditional exercises are not suitable and may even be unsafe for certain client groups or conditions.

Clinical Pilates is a method adapted by Physiotherapists, which enables Pilates exercises to be carried out in a safe way, that is still effective for different client populations. You will still be working hard, however your workout will be more effective as you will be working at a level to suit you and your body. Our instructors are trained in Clinical Pilates and so you can ensure you will be in safe hands.

• What should I wear for Pilates?

Comfortable exercise clothing is fine, along with sticky/grippy socks for the reformer Pilates sessions.

• Do I need to bring anything?

We are advising clients to bring a limited number of belongings with them on attendance to the studio or clinic. Please limit these belongings to essential items only. Please also bring a drink with you for classes.

• Do you have a Covid Policy?

We ask that if you are demonstrating signs of Covid not to attend the clinic until you are well. If you have tested positive for Covid please do not attend the clinic or studio until you have a negative lateral flow reading.

• How do I book?

We are taking bookings via email, phone or you can book via our online booking systems. Online booking for our classes is for current clients only. If you are a new client who would like to attend for a class, please do contact us directly to make an appointment for a reformer induction, or you can book our beginners reformer course without having an induction. Please also note that we do not have a manned reception and so may not always be able to answer your call. Please do leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, please contact us – we’re happy to answer any queries and questions that you may have.