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Award-winning Clinical Pilates studio and Physiotherapy clinic

Enliven Health was created and founded by Alexandra Chapman, who’s vision was to create a Wellness Centre for those with pain and dysfunction to restore their health, whilst being in the comfort of beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Alexandra Chapman

Founder of Enliven Health

Alexandra always knew she wanted to be a Physiotherapist, since completing work- experience with Milton Keynes Hospital Physiotherapy department aged just 16. She qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from the University of Birmingham in 2003 and initially worked in the NHS in a variety of Physiotherapy fields including Stroke rehabilitation, Amputee rehabilitation, Orthopaedics, Surgical and Medical wards and Intensive Care, before going on to specialize in the Musculoskeletal sector.

Over the years, Alexandra has worked in a number of private practices and clinics, has become trained in Acupuncture and has gained a Masters Degree in Manual Therapy from Coventry University, in order to provide advanced management and treatment to those with musculoskeletal disorders.

She has always had a passion for exercise and truly believes that movement heals. This has lead to her becoming fully certified in both Mat and Equipment Pilates, and she now leads the running of a busy Reformer Pilates studio within the Milton Keynes clinic.

Since having her children, Alexandra has recognised the need for improving and developing Women’s Health services in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Overtime, she has undergone extensive further training in Women’s Health-specific Physiotherapy and has also secured roles within the NHS within the Pelvic Health teams at Bedford Hospital and Newport Pagnell Medical Centre. She has undertaken a Post-Graduate Certification in Continence Physiotherapy at Bradford University and is a member of the Pelvic, Obstetric, Gynaecological Physiotherapy association.

Alexandra has undergone advanced training for Pilates-based rehabilitation after breast cancer surgeries. She has been teaching Clinical Pilates since 2008 and is a certified instructor with the APPI [Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute] and with Mbodies Training Academy, for whom she has written a comprehensive course bringing together her two passions, Pilates and Women’s Health. She has a special interest in the role of ‘The Core’ and how it’s weakness or altered function can impact the body.

From her own experience, Alexandra believes that people require time, quality, skill and attention from their Physiotherapist and she is committed to providing these important considerations to every client she sees, with the passion and determination to not only get people better, but to help them stay better. Clients will receive treatment on a wholly individual and holistic basis, always considering every aspect of their health to get the most out of their treatment.

A message from Alexandra

Consider your health to be like your house. It’s made up of many building blocks, but if one part is malfunctioning it can bring other walls down. Everything is connected and everything must work together to keep things up. If your boiler breaks you get it fixed, so why not invest in your health when things go wrong?

I work with people of all ages with a diverse range of conditions and I take pride in delivering the highest quality of service that I can. I strive to ensure that each client receives my time, is treated as an individual and benefits from my extensive training and clinical expertise to the utmost of my ability.

What do our Clients Say?

I have danced all my life (ballet) and now being an adult dancer find it very difficult to locate good classes locally - so finding out about and joining the Reformer Pilates sessions held at Enliven Health was like winning the lottery - simply the best find I’ve had for a very long time. Since starting last September I have found a new form of exercise which dovetails perfectly with dance and has made a real difference to me…

HarrietJoining Enliven Health was like winning the lottery

I have been doing Pilates at Enliven Health for over 3 years now. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made. I joined because I was experiencing backache and Pilates has been amazing for building core strength and because Alex is a fantastic physio, she tailors the workout to work for everybody, taking into account injuries and weaknesses. I truly miss it if I cannot go every week - Keep up the good work Alex!

ClareI can’t tell you what a difference Enliven has made

I attend Alex’s weekly Pilates class and always enjoy it. The sessions are structured so that each exercise builds up in increments for all levels. This means individuals can choose whether to stay at a level or progress to the next one. I can always tell if I miss a week or two as I am far less supple and begin to get backache again. Alex’s classes ensure I maintain optimum fitness.

KerenaI’ve maintained optimum fitness since starting Pilates