Reformer Pilates Classes

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Pilates Matwork offers a varied and challenging Pilates repertoire, however if you feel ready for a different kind of challenge, the Reformer Pilates classes may be for you. The Reformer is a beautiful and sophisticated piece of Pilates equipment, designed to offer low-impact resistance exercise, to challenge your core and muscles in an effective way, that you may not be used to.

A wide variety of exercises may be performed on the Reformer, and some you may already be familiar with through your Matwork repertoire, however different levels of resistance may be added to your Reformer workout to challenge you in different ways. The usage of springs and pulleys can target the muscle groups of both upper and lower body, whilst working the core to challenge either strength or control. As a result, the machine helps to “Reform” the body, creating a lean, strong physique, which Pilates is famous for. Benefits of this type of Pilates exercise include muscle and bone strengthening, improved flexibility, improved core control and strength, whilst being bone and joint protective.

Reformer Pilates Milton Keynes

About the Reformer Classes at Enliven Health

All Reformer classes are led by an experienced Physiotherapist, fully Certified APPI Instructor of over 10 years Pilates teaching experience, and fully insured Pilates Studio Equipment instructor. Classes are kept small at a maximum of 6 people, to ensure individual attention is received during the classes.

We are expecting a high demand for these classes and so pre-booking is essential. For class timings please check our timetable frequently as new classes are likely to be added into the schedule in the future.


For safety reasons, all clients will require a pre-assessment and induction on how to set up and use the Reformers before they start the classes. All Reformer brands are slightly different and so it’s important that you’re familiar with the machines and important safety information before use. These sessions are 45 minutes and are arranged at a time to suit you. They will be offered free as an introductory offer. Book your free induction now to avoid disappointment by contacting us directly.