Acupuncture and the hot flushes of Menopause…

For some women, HRT isn't always the best route of treatment for menopausal symptoms. Acupuncture can be useful in the treatment and management of hot flushes.

Hot flushes are one of the most common and troublesome symptoms of the menopause, affecting up to 75% of women. What’s more, they can begin from 1-2 years prior to menopause and can last for over 10 years following it.
Hot flushes can vary in their degree of severity and frequency. For some women, they be a mere annoyance, but for others their symptoms will be much more severe, affecting energy levels, ability to function and ultimately, quality of life. Particularly, women who have survived breast cancer may be prone to more frequent and severe hot flushes, due to the effects of chemotherapy and anti-hormone drug therapy.

The causes behind hot flushes are poorly understood, however it is thought that reduced oestrogen levels lead to a disruption in function of the body’s thermoregulation centre, the hypothalamus. 

The most effective, proven treatment for hot flushes is Hormone Replacement Therapy, however for some women, particularly those who have had breast cancer, this may not always be the treatment method of choice, due to medical contraindications, or side-effects experienced. 

Complementary therapies including Acupuncture, have an important place in the treatment of hot flushes, offering women more choices in the management of these symptoms. Research has shown that Acupuncture treatment leads to the release of hormones, which can help to stabilise the thermoregulation systems within the body. Acupuncture treatment can reduce the severity and frequency of hot flushes, both in breast cancer survivors and in women undergoing the natural menopause, thus improving their quality of life.

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Acupuncture and the hot flushes of Menopause…