Frequently Asked Questions

Why come to Enliven Health for treatment?

Enliven Health is a Private Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates service that will ensure you receive treatment quickly and safely. This will result in a faster recovery, prevent recurrence and reduce the need to wait for necessary appointments.

We will ensure that you receive the treatment that you need and will always liaise with your GP regarding your problem, with your consent.

What does an initial Assessment Involve?

Before you receive any Physiotherapeutic or Clinical Pilates treatment it is essential for you to undertake an initial assessment. This will enable the Physiotherapist to understand and diagnose your problem, be aware of your general health and any pre-­existing medical conditions and discuss your goal and treatment requirements.

This will result in a safe and clinically beneficial treatment plan that is specific to you. Each Initial Assessment is one hour in duration. The Physiotherapist will ask you some detailed questions about your symptoms and will then perform a physical examination. This will involve looking at the area or areas that are affected, assessing how certain moments are performed, and determining if pain, muscle spasm or stiffness are present.

The Physiotherapist may require you to remove some clothing in order for a thorough physical examination to be made, however it is also advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment and all subsequent appointments. Shorts are a good idea if you have any lower limb, pelvic or spinal problems that will need to be examined, and vest tops are useful for upper body, neck or upper limb examinations.

At the end of your assessment, if time allows, some treatment may be incorporated into the session, however this will always be discussed with you beforehand. The Physiotherapist may also wish to inform your GP that you are attending for treatment at Enliven Health and may write to them with your consent.

Can I request certain treatments for example, acupuncture?

Sometimes people may have received or experienced a specific treatment modality in the past that they have found beneficial and so request it at the time of assessment. This is often the case with acupuncture. At Enliven Health, acupuncture is used frequently to maximise treatment outcomes in conjunction with other types of treatment. As with all treatments, it may not be suitable for acupuncture to be used on all people, even if they have had it before.

This is because your health may have changed, you may be pregnant or you may have been prescribed certain medications. Therefore it is important that an initial assessment has been carried out to determine any potential contraindications to treatment. Despite this, we will work with you to ensure that you are happy and feel involved in your treatment plan and will take into consideration previous treatments you may have had that have worked for you before.

How many sessions will I need?

During your initial assessment, your Physiotherapist will diagnose your problem and will discuss your treatment plan with you. At this point it may be possible to estimate how many sessions of treatment will be required. Of course, this really depends on the problem, it’s duration, nature etc. Some problems may be resolved within a few sessions however others may take longer.

If you have a long­standing problem it may be suitable for you to attend treatment long-­term in order to effectively self-­manage it. However the Physiotherapist will always aim to see you progressing within 6 sessions. In the event that Physiotherapy does not seem to be benefiting you, your Physiotherapist will liaise with your GP or other Health Professionals as appropriate to ensure that you receive the right treatment or investigative pathway that you need.

Do I need to be referred by my GP or Consultant?

You do not need to be referred to Enliven Health by your GP or Consultant and self- referral is more than adequate. Some Private Medical Insurance policies will require a referral from your GP and so it is advisable to contact your insurance company prior to booking any appointments to determine what their requirements are.

What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and Traditional Pilates?

Clinical Pilates has been designed by Physiotherapists for people of all populations with a variety of problems. This makes it a safe and clinically beneficial way of exercising, under the guidance of a Physiotherapist and certified Clinical Pilates Instructor. This differs to some of the more traditional Pilates methods which may consist of difficult exercises that may require a high level of skill, strength and flexibility, which may not be suitable for some patient populations.

Is Enliven Health registered with Private Medical Insurance Companies?

For a full list of private medical insurance companies that Enliven Health is registered with, please contact us directly. You will need to contact your insurance company prior to making any appointments to determine what their specific requirements are and to obtain an authorisation code if necessary. You will also need to bring details of your insurance policy with you to your appointment once authorisation has been given. This will need to include your policy number, name of insurer and authorisation code.

Are home Visits Available?

Home visits may be available however specific requirements and pricing will need to be discussed on an individual basis. For further enquiries please contact us directly.