Unique Clinical Pilates Classes in Milton Keynes

We pride ourselves on being different!

At Enliven Health We offer a unique approach to Pilates.

Small Classes

We believe in “Quality, not Quantity.” If classes are too large, it is impossible for the instructor to be able to check everyone is exercising correctly, which then compromises safety and the quality of your Pilates session. We also believe that client’s need to be able to move freely, and have space during their Pilates practice. Our classes in our studio are restricted to 6-8 clients, to enable safe, spacious and correct movement, which really helps you to get the most out of your Pilates.


All classes are led by an experienced Physiotherapist, which ensures that if you suffer with specific conditions, your Pilates practice may be adapted to suit you more appropriately. This helps to avoid the risk of injury or aggravation of your problem. Pilates classes at Enliven Health are suitable for all types of conditions, however a pre-assessment will be required beforehand.

A 30 minute pre-assessment is required so your instructor knows exactly what you can and can’t do with regards to Pilates exercises. Every one is different and we all have different states of health. The assessment will determine your level of physical health, identify if you have any specific clinical problems and will ensure you know what is required of you before you begin your Pilates journey.

Individualized Approach

There is no “peer-pressure” at Enliven Health Pilates classes. Clients are reminded and advised to only ever exercise according to their level of ability, without worrying about keeping up with anyone else. You will never be advised to exercise out of your zone of capability or be pushed to to perform exercises which you find difficult or uncomfortable. Your technique will be frequently checked, and the exercises adapted to suit you as appropriate.

Reformer Pilates Classes

We are THE ONLY STUDIO IN MILTON KEYNES who offer Reformer Pilates classes for up to 6 people. This type of Pilates adds resistance for a whole new way of working and challenging your body. We are offering FREE Reformer inductions for you to come and try the machines and see if you would enjoy this type of Pilates.

Free 1:1 sessions for every block booking you purchase to REALLY help you hone and get the most out of your practice

We believe in Pilates and its benefits, however sometimes just a weekly class isn’t enough for you to see short-term improvement. Therefore, we offer a free one to one session for every 6 week block-booking you make with us [Terms and Conditions Apply]. This will help you to hone your practice, and try different varieties of exercises to enhance and progress your ability, which you can then apply into your classes.

Enliven Health

"You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions."

Joseph Hubertus Pilates