Clinical Pilates Classes

"You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions."

Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Is it for you?

The first thing we need to is establish if Clinical Pilates is suitable for you. Everyone is different and we all have different fitness levels and states of health. Therefore, it is important that every client is assessed by a Physiotherapist before undertaking a course of Clinical Pilates, even if you have done Pilates before. This will determine your level of physical health, identify if you have any specific clinical problems that we must be aware of and will ensure that you know what is required of you before you begin your Clinical Pilates journey.

What will an Initial Assessment Involve?

Each Initial Assessment prior to you undertaking a Clinical Pilates course will take 30 minutes. Your Physiotherapist will ask you some questions about your current health and medical history, if you have any pain or problems and the goals you want to achieve. In some cases, it may be more suitable for you to receive treatment for any current health concerns or pain before you attend a class. If you have had recent surgery this may also mean that you are unsuitable for taking a class at this time until you are at a later stage of your recovery.

There will also be a brief examination of your posture and movement. This will gauge your level of flexibility and potential limitations that may arise with some of the Pilates exercises. You will also be familiarized with the Key Elements of Pilates, and most importantly you will be taught how to engage your deep core muscles.

Enliven Health


All classes are kept to very small groups of six to eight to ensure that individual attention is received by all attendees.

Although exercises will be progressed throughout the class course, it is important to note that you will only ever exercise according to your level and what you are able to achieve. You will never be advised to exercise out of your zone of capability or be pushed to perform exercises that you find very difficult or uncomfortable. Your technique will be frequently checked throughout the class to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly.

Block Booking

Classes at Enliven Health are normally run in 6 week blocks. Clients have the option of paying for the course in advance, receiving a discounted rate if they pay for the full 6 weeks.

During the course, clients will have the option of carrying 1 session within the block over to the next course if they are unable to attend a class. However, this session must be taken as an extra class, run on an alternative day during the week, subject to availability and within 21 days of the missed class. It will not be deducted from the cost of the next course booking. If a client does not turn up for a class, or fails to give adequate notice of nonattendance [within a 24 hour period], they will lose this class and will be unable to carry it forward.

Ad-Hoc Booking

For flexibility, you will have the option of block booking between 2-4 classes during a course if you are on holiday, or know that you can’t attend a number of classes within the course. If you are unable to attend a session that you have paid for in advance you will have the option of attending another class during the week to make up for this, subject to availability. This will apply to only one session of the block booking you have made. If you fail to turn up or give adequate notice of nonattendance within the 24 hour notice period, you will lose this class and will be unable to carry it forward.

Pay As You Go

If you are unsure of your diary and which sessions you can attend in advance, you will have the option of paying for classes as you go, however these will need to be booked and paid for 24 hours prior to the class date [You can do this via email and BACS]. If you fail to attend or give adequate notice [as above] you will lose the class.

Although the PAYG option is available, we do recommend attending the full course of classes in order to see the most improvements.

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Mother and Baby Clinical Pilates Post Caesarean Section

Mother and Baby Clinical Pilates