Class Timetable

Enliven Health Pilates Class Timetable

Dynamic Reformer

This class is a free-flowing Reformer workout for clients of all levels, which uses resistance and other various pieces of Pilates equipment to challenge all the major muscle groups of your body. The class incorporates all of the Pilates principles helping you to create the long, lean and toned physique which Pilates is famous for. This class is guaranteed to make you feel the burn, leaving you energised and worked. A reformer induction is required by all clients before joining this class.

Cardio Reformer

This class is a cardio-based class, which uses High Intensity Interval Training on the Reformer in combination with the Pilates principles to provide you with a fun but challenging workout. The class focuses on raising your heart rate by using Jumping exercises on the Reformer jump board, challenging your fitness in a low impact way. Intervals are separated by challenging exercise series which focus on strengthening the abdominals, upper and lower body. A Reformer induction is required by all clients before joining this class.

Mat Pilates [Mixed Levels]

This class is a free-flowing Mat Pilates class designed to challenge the major muscle groups of the body, applying the Pilates principles whilst using Pilates equipment such as the Pilates circle, Pilates balls, Theraband and foam rollers to add various challenges to the exercises. Exercise series focus on pelvic stability, core control, flexibility, balance and upper, lower body and abdominal strengthening. This class is suitable for all levels of Pilates, however an initial assessment may be required before you start, particularly if you have any specific health issues or have not done Pilates before.

Mat Pilates for Bone Health

This class is specially designed to suit people with bone and joint problems such as osteoporosis. Exercises still challenge the body but are adapted to be bone safe, with a focus on bone and muscle strengthening and balance training. This class is also suitable for clients with conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, as the focus is on strengthening and core restoration in a low impact way.

Mat Pilates for Pregnancy

This class is suitable for the pregnant client. The class incorporates core, pelvic floor and body strengthening, flexibility and breathing work. You will be encouraged to work hard in a safe, low impact way. This class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy, provided that your pregnancy is complication-free and a pre-assessment/screening has been undertaken beforehand.

Postnatal Mat Pilates

This class is suitable for the postnatal client from 6 weeks postnatally. The class focuses on gentle core restoration in a safe and low impact way, making it suitable for clients who may have problems such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse or Rectus Diastasis Abdominus. A pre-assessment/screening will be required before you start this class to ensure you're safe to exercise.

Pink Ribbon Program

This class is specific for clients who have had surgery as part of their treatment for breast cancer, including breast reconstructive surgery. This class focuses on postural re-education, core and general body strengthening, mobility and functional restoration. A pre-assessment will be required as part of your rehabilitation process beforehand.